Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jan 10-16 Bible Reading Passages

Hello all,

We hope that you received a deeper understanding of how God made the Israelites his own, holy people and Christ's fulfillment of God's plan for making us holy through the book of Leviticus.

After next Sunday, January 17, we will be taking a break from the 3-year plan to focus on the Bible reading passages chosen for the 40 Day Fast. The passages will be found in the 40 Day Fast Journal. 

Here are the passages for this week:
Tues Jan 12 - Psalm 14-15
Wed Jan 13 - Proverbs 8-9
Thur Jan 14 - Proverbs 10
Fri Jan 15 - Numbers 1
Sat Jan 16 - Numbers 2

Sun Jan 10 - Psalm 10-11
Mon Jan 11 - Psalm 12-13
Sun Jan 17 - Numbers 3

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

the new "an eye for an eye"

"An eye for an eye. A tooth for tooth" (Leviticus 24:20).

When I first heard that phrase as a little one, I thought it was an old Korean adage. It was just so common and I would find it on secular TV and books. I didn't even ponder that phrase could be from the Bible, where I learned so much about the infinitely loving Jesus who died on the cross for me. The concept just sounds so...worldly.

When God was dwelling with the Israelites, I guess it made sense that the justice system was something so direct and fair. After all, He was physically with them in the Tent and was showing all the visible signs that demonstrated His love. Were His presence and tangible works enough to move the Israelites to steadfast faithfulness? We all know the answer.

So God showed them the humbler, the higher way of "An eye for an eye" through Jesus. God became flesh. And He showed us how to love the way He does by teaching us to forgive one another and bless those who curse us. He died for our sins, His pure eyes for our sinful eyes, His wounds for our wounds, His life for our life.

By physically demonstrating this new way of "An eye for an eye," I think God wanted us to see the length of His passion for us, and the depth of love He expects from us. Today, spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror. Every inch of you, every part of you is a glorious, most astounding exchange ever made. The eyes of the Creator of the Universe closed for your eyes to open. Can you see Jesus' eyes in your eyes?

Don't let His sacrifice go to waste. If you feel like giving up, then fight back! Immerse yourself in the Word! Pray for strength to live out the Gospel for another day! Praising God puts everything in right perspective, so do it! Don't ever give up on loving God and others. Because God will not give up on loving you literally until the end of time and this world. He has already exchanged every part of Himself for every inch of you.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan 3-9 Bible Reading Passages

Hello there! Keep up the good work reading through Leviticus.
Again, if you need help understanding what you are reading:
Here is an on-line commentary by Ray Stedman.

Sun Jan 3 - Leviticus 21
Mon Jan 4 - Leviticus 22
Tues Jan 5 - 
Leviticus 23
Wed Jan 6 - 
Leviticus 24
Thur Jan 7 - 
Leviticus 25
Fri Jan 8 - 
Leviticus 26
Sat Jan 9 - 
Leviticus 27

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dec 27 - Jan 2 Bible Reading Passages

Hope you are doing well as we are going through the book of Leviticus. 
Yes, it can be tedious at times but it helps us to understand who God is (his holiness) and who we are as "creaturely" beings who need to follow rules for worship and behavior in order to have a relationship with God (who loves us). 
Here is an on-line commentary by Ray Stedman to refer to for questions that you have.

Sun Dec 27 - Leviticus 14
Mon Dec 28 - Leviticus 15
Tues Dec 29 - 
Leviticus 16
Wed Dec 30 - 
Leviticus 17
Thur Dec 31 - 
Leviticus 18
Fri Jan 1 - 
Leviticus 19
Sat Jan 2 - 
Leviticus 20

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dec 13-19 Bible Reading Passages

This week we will be starting the book of Leviticus. 
If you have thoughts/questions/insights, please reply to this post! 

Sun Dec 13 - Proverbs 7
Mon Dec 14 - Leviticus 1
Tues Dec 15 - 
Leviticus 2
Wed Dec 16 - 
Leviticus 3
Thur Dec 17 - 
Leviticus 4
Fri Dec 18 - 
Leviticus 5
Sat Dec 19 - 
Leviticus 6

Monday, December 7, 2015

nothing we do is ever enough. but that's not always a bad thing.

No one knows the hour when the Son of Man will come to judge the earth, and just as we don't know the time of His arrival, we will never know who will be accepted and to whom Jesus will shockingly say, "I don't know you." It could be me. It could be one of the most well-known Christian leaders of our world today. It could be you.

Nothing we do is ever enough, both in the eyes of the world and God, for different reasons. The world would never think so, but who we are is already a good enough reason for God to do what He did. And that's where we find the strength to set our hearts right on loving God out of praise and gratitude, instead of trying to love Him out of fear of burning in hell. This is where we also find strength to keep cultivating our lives to be holy and blameless without feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

God promises us agape love, but by giving us free will, He ultimately leaves it up to us to take hold of what belongs to us. Our parents will always love us, but it is up to the children to love them in return and be in a joyful, loving relationship with them. Do we really believe we are just as undeserving as our non-believing friends because we are all sinners? At the core, we are no different. So perhaps the best way to be one of the five prepared virgins is to think we are one of the lazy five, but believe it's never too late to pick up where we left off. Encourage yourself, "The Groom will come for me because I am already His chosen bride. If He did not love me, I wouldn't even be here." Ask the Groom everyday and listen to his reply to your question: What would you like today, God? He will have a different answer for each of us.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dec 6-12 Bible Reading Passages

We are finishing up the book of Matthew this week, having our Psalm/Proverbs interspersed passages and next week will start the book of Leviticus!

Sun Dec 6 - Matthew 24
Mon Dec 7 - Matthew 25
Tues Dec 8 - Matthew 26
Wed Dec 9 - Matthew 27
Thur Dec 10 - Matthew 28
Fri Dec 11 - Psalm 7-9
Sat Dec 12 - Proverbs 6

Here is a link to the Moody 3-Year Bible reading plan that we are following if you need to refer to it anytime.

God bless you!